• Innovative Software

    Keep yourself and your team organised with our Task Management System.

  • Increase Productivity

    Spending your time chasing new business, rather than catching up on admin.

  • Automatic Reporting and Invoicing

    No more endless calculating and checking your spreadsheets.

Need help to Manage your Business Admin?

If you have a small to medium business and don't seem to have enough hours in the day for administration -  then work management software could well be the way forward for you! 

A task management system is a worthwhile investment which is guaranteed to save you time and money while helping you manage your business better on the go - even from your smartphone or tablet.  It's a little like taking your office with you in that task management software has all the information you need - easily accessible any time of day or night.

And task management software never goes on holiday, off sick, or leaves work after 5pm.  So - you can check in any time 24/7 to get the lowdown on your company status!  

With the task management system you can view all kinds of helpful information using the data display viewable over the internet. 

You can check vital details such as your diary, cashflow, send emails, check details for every customer with all the information at your fingertips, send invoices, set tasks for employees, see if they have been completed, and much more.

Manage My Work is the easier way to manage your projects, staff assignments, invoicing and many other essential tasks!

A Task Management System that grows along with your business, taking the pain out of those daily routine jobs!

One-click features keep you in control, more than ever.  Online task management systems mean you will cut your spending on paper and printing and never forget a vital detail!

Keep in touch with your staff who will have their own log-in details and access to the parts of the system that you approve.

Check out the business management features, or try the online demo

Or why not contact our Sales Team to book a free chat about your needs?  Features can be switched on or off, to suit your needs.

For improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without your Task Management System!

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